About The School

How it Started!


Graceful Life Church Schools

Grace Temple Institute started in 2011, with eight children, as a home-based after school Bible teaching, and homework assistance program in Asafon -Ofankor Barrier for the neighborhood children.

On a daily basis, the eight children were brought in by their parents, who according to them could not afford to send them to school. 

As the news of the program spread in the neighborhood; a program that included free meals, bible studies and prayers. Many other children started to come to the evening prayer sessions, making their total to 40 children, very rapidly.

These lovely angels continued to come every evening to gather at Rev. Beatrice Bonet's small home, even after she left Ghana to return to the United States of America. Rev Bonet’s family informed her of the continuous increase. She therefore sent money for a shelter to be build next to her three-room house, to make them comfortable in case it rains while the children  are in the program.

A teacher was hired to teach the children, and the program continues with Rev. Bonet sending money for the feeding and other expenses relating to the “unexpected home school”.

The Journey


In 2009, Rev Bonet had purchased a sixteen-plot land with the intention to create an orphanage.  

Unfortunately, her dreams were aborted due five (5) unexpected events that happened simultaneously, but not by GOD.

  • A vehicle accident that kept her home bound for months.
  • She survived the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City.
  • A sudden death of Rev. Bonet's father. 
  • Another vehicle accident that cause  her various bodily harm again and
  • The Ghana Government decreeing a suspension for new applications for the creation of new orphanages in the country. 

All these did not deter God's plan for her life.  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Rev Bonet decided to focus on  her ministry in the USA.  Little did she know that God will change her plans and include the establishment of a school in her focused plans.

The Establishment


In 2011, after her personal challenges, God spoke loud and clear. Jeremiah 29:11.

God's plans to build an orphanage on at land she purchased in Pokuase fell apart, but the vision was elevated to a school. 

In 2011, when the construction was started to build a school instead of an  orphanage, which was block by the Ghana Government; Rev. Bonet continuous to trust ONLY GOD for support and FUNDS.

Through the spiritual incite and guidance by the Holy Spirit. God made the way for Rev. Beatrice Bonet.

The Building

Grace Temple Institute, Mayera Pokuase

In 2013, Grace Temple Institute completed of the first floor classrooms and offices, a total of 12 extra large classrooms with admissions office and cafeteria and kitchen was added and furnished and ready for the grand opening for September 2015 school  term. 


Currently with the third and final floor being completed, Grace Temple Institute (GTI) is 

· A great pride for the community

· One of a kind facility and complex

· A school to be reckoned with and

· A formidable institute that strives to lead in education and training of our future leaders of Ghana.

Admission is Ongoing



Interested in bringing your child/children to Grace Temple Institute.  Please call now!  "A Mind Is a terrible thing to waste".

You can also send us an email to 


Contact Us!

GTI Complex Rd, 

Mayera- Pokuase, Accra - Ghana

Office:           +233-27-488-7177

Admissions:  +233-54-546-2883

Director:        +233-24-205-0615

WhatsApp :      01-860-985-6905

A Value-added Community


Grace Temple Institute brought to the neighborhood: 


· A great unintended prosperity and empowerment to the town, and the district

· Workers such as laborers, masons, teachers etc. were all hired from neighborhood.

· Great migration of unemployed teachers and workers who used to travel very long distance to make a living and spend it on transportation, began to live and work near their homes. 

· The mass hiring brought hope to the neighborhood, causing the residence to has extra cash in their pockets to live a decent, graceful and prosperous life. 

· Once laughed at residents, because of the under-development of the area; residents have now become the talk of the city and town, because of the beauty and the prospect of the school.

· Many abandoned lands and incomplete buildings, has and continuous to become completed.  

· Home and land prices have increased and continuous to do so. 

· There has been and continuous to be an Increased of property values in the Adusah and Mayera, Pokuase metropolitan areas.

Grace Temple Institute is proud to be one of the instruments in bringing to the community excitement and financial increase to many homes.